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Bangla Love SMS, Bengali True Love Shayari

If you are trying hard and not getting decent Bangla Love SMS, Bengali True Love Shayari, then i am glad to inform your that your quest for Romantic bangla sms is now over. Do you know what is True love? True Love is a robust and long-lasting connection between husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend that are in a joyful, enthusiastic and satisfying relationship.But being in love is not enough. You have to remind your loved ones constantly, but you don’t need to spend a lot.

Just share our heart touching Bangla Love SMS and Bengali True Love Shayari with images.

Download our Best Bangla Love quotes on true love and make them you facebook FB status. or just share in a whatsapp chat. A good illustration of true love is your emotion shared between a person that has been married for decades, and that continues to be passionate about one another and care deeply for each other. So what are you waiting for? True love is what that you can’t buy with money. A Simple romantic Bengali sms can do the job to your other half.Bengali-Love-SMS-Shayari

Bangla Love SMS for Girlfriend

Bhalobasha.. Chader Aloy Rakhaler Bashir Sur..

Nodir Kinare Bose Thaka Meyetir Takie Thaka..

Bohu Dur Hote Onuvutir Onukule Chokher Jol Jorano.

Bujte Ki Paro?

Mutho V.Basa, 1 Mutho Sukh,

Sobi Jeno Khuje Pai Dekhe Tmr Mukh.

2mi Ogo Chadni Amr Josna Rater Ful,

Tomay Ami Dekhbo Bole Hoye Achi Bekul.

I Miss U

Soto Manusher Vire Ami, Tobuo Khub Eka.

Amr Mon Pran Sobi J Tmr Kache Pore Achego.

2mi J Amr Proti Muhurter Sathi Amr Sara Jiboner Sathi.

Miss U Pagli

Tomari Chokhe Khuje Pai Ami Swopner Nileema. . .

Vitor Theke Bolche amar Hridoy Tumei Amar Priyotoma. . !!

Valobashar Prothom Dingulo Hoi Sukh,

Swopno, aar Asha Niye..

Sesher Dingulo Dukkho,Swopno Vongo,

aaR Nirasha Niye.

Smritir Chera Patay Sudhui Tumei Acho. . .

Hridoyer Protiti Nihsase Sudhu Tumei Acho. .

Nirghum Rater Shei Swopne

Sudhui Tumi Acho. .Amr Dristi Sesh Simanai Sudhui Tume Acho. . .

aaR Tumei Thakbe.

Karon Ame J Valobashi sudhui Tomay…

I Love You !

Bengali True Love Shayari for Wife


Valobasa Jokhon onek Kache Tokhon Kate obohelai,

Jokhon Bishon Mone Pore,

Tokhon Kate Byastotai.

R Jokhon Dui Jonei Pashe Thake, Tokhon Valobasa Boshe Vuler Majhe. . .

Buker Vitor Obujh ei Mon Sudhu Tomay Khuje. . .

Taito Tomar Chobi Ekechi Hridoyer Protiti kone kone. . !!

Oi Chandta Jemni Valobashe Tara Gulo Ke.

Raat Jemni Valobashe Jyotsna ke.

Jonaki Jemni Valobashe Ondhokar Ke.

Ami O Temni Valobashi Sudhui Tomake.

Tomay Surjo Vabi Na Ja Osto Jabe,

Tomay Ful Vabi Na Ja Jhore Jabe,

Tomar Nodi Vabi Na Ja Boye Jabe,

Tomay Sudhui ekanto Apon Vabi Je Chiro Din Roye Jabe!

Hain Tumi Ki Se ?

J Amar Andhar Ghorer Mombaati.

Hain Tumi Ki Se Je Amar Nil Sagorer Dheu?

Hain Tumi Ki Se,Jake Ami

Khub Vaobashi

(I Love U)