Best Friendship SMS Messages


Best Friendship SMS Messages

Free Best Friendship SMS Messages. An Awesome Collection Of Best Friendship SMS Messages for Your Best Buddies and For Your Friends. Share These Messages and make them Happy.

Best Friendship SMS Messages

Girl can hug her best frd tightly n say i’m missing my boyfrd bt c

Cant hug her boyfrd n say i’m missing my best frd bcoz thr is

More”loyalty”in frdshp thn luv.

To share what is difficult,to heal what is hurting,to think what is not

Possible,to understand without even talking…. Is the miracle called


What is meant by friend…… F:-field of love !..r:-root of

Joy!…….i:-island of god !………..e:-end of

Sorrow!………….n:-name of hope !……d:-door of

Understanding! Tats you my friend..

Plants are green and earth is blue, why your so nice to me i want a

Clue, what ever may be the reason like you , because in world like

This, i will never get a friend like you!

The more silently love is expressed,the more it is deeply bound to wonder god loves us in silence & gives us the miracle

Of good friends!!