English SMS Jokes


English SMS Jokes

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Husband Wanted To Call D Hospital 2 Ask About His Pregnant Wife, But Accidently Called D Cricket Stadium.

He Asks, “How’s The Situation?”

He Was Shocked & Nearly Died On Hearing The Reply. They Said, “It’s Fine. 4 Are Out, Hope To Get Another  6  Out By lunch, Last One Was A Duck!” 😉

Once There Was A Fight in Btwn Me And A Tiger,,,

I Ran Away,,,

2 Save the Tiger…

Only 1411 R Left!!
Otherwise U Know Me 😉

Universal Truth We Learnt:-

“Sun Rises In The East”
Fact:- “Sun Neither Rises Nor Sets, Only Earth Rotates..!”.
Moral 🙂
“Education Spoils Our Commonsense”