Happy Teddy Bear Day SMS


Happy Teddy Bear Day SMS

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If U R A Chocolate You Are The Sweetest, If U R A Teddy Bear

You R D Most Huggable, And Since U R My Friend. U R The Best.

**Happy Teddy Day** My Dear ..

You R d Smile Of My Lips

Twinkle Of My Eyes And

Joy Of My Face

Without u I am Nothing…

** Happy Teddy Bear Day**. My LOve..

By Gifting U This Teddy…I Wanna Show u I’m Ready That..

To Make U Mine And Fill My Life..

With Sunshine…


#Wish U a Happy Teddy Day# Janu…….

This Teddy Is Gift Of Our Friendship Just Take Care Of It..

..Happy Teddy Bear Day..

Luv Knows No Reason, Luv Knows No Lies. Luv Defies All

Reasons, Luv Has No Eyes.But Luv Is Not Blind, Luv Sees But Doesn’t Mind.

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