Subho Ratri SMS


Subho Ratri SMS

A Collection of Bengali Subho Ratri Kobita and Bangla Suvo Ratri Poems for facebook friends. Before we go to bed every night, we always feel that deep desire to tell our loved ones like our girlfriend and boyfriend Subho Ratri or good night as in English.

When we return home after working all day long, only our nearest and dearest peoples are the one who puts a smile on our face be it your beloved husband or your sweet wife.

Then why don’t you share our hand-picked Subho Ratri SMS Quotes or these beautiful Bangla Shubho Ratri Shayari for love with your friends and family. You can also download these free Shubho Ratri SMS images. Why not share These romantic good night Shuvo ratri messages and Shayari as a perfect appreciation to those persons who cares you the most.


Subho Ratri Shayari

1ta Prithibi Sobar Jonno
Ekta Surjo Diner Jonno
1ta Chand Rater Jonno
1ta Sathi Sara Jeboner Jonno
Ekta Prarthona 2mar Jono

GUD Ni8 Suvo Raatri

Somoy Bodle Jay Jiboner Sathe,

Jibon Bodle Jay Somporker Sathe,
Somporko Kintu Bodlay Na Aponjonder Sathe,
Sudhu Kichu Aaponjon Bodle Jay Somayer Sathe.
Good Ny8

Bondhu Mane Ujan Srote Sonar Tori Baoya.

Mon Kharaper Andhokare Ektu Khusir Haoya,

Bondhu Mane Hriday Jure Valobasar Sur,

Bristi Veja Udas Choke Sonali Rodur.

**Good Night

Bangla Premer Subho Ratri Quotes


Bondhu Mane Ujaan Shrote Shonar Toree Bouya.

Mon Kharaper Andhaare Ektu Khusir Haoya.

Bondhu Mane Hriday Jure Valobashar Soor.

Bristi Vija Udas Chokhe Sonali Roddur.

Good Night** Shubho Ratri

Jodi Chande Na Thake Daag,
Mone Jodi Na Thake Beytha.
Tumar Bari Jodi Hoto Amar Pashe,
Ami Roj Ratri Bole Astam Ekti Kotha,
“Shuvo Ratri”

Phooler Papri Pakhna Mele Dakchee Tomay Dustu Heshe,

Unki Diye Chander Aalo Bolche Tomai Ratri Holo,

Akaas Deser Neel Poriira Bolche Ebar Ghumia Porou..

”Good Night” Sweet Dreams..

Rater Pakhira Pakhna Mele Dakche Tomay Misti Sure,
Unki Diye Chander Alo Janacche Tomay Shubho Ratri,
Akasher Suvro Sada Porira Bolche Ebar Ghumiye Poro..
”Good Night” Sweet Dreams!

Vorer Alo Uthbe Phute Ratrir Oboshane,
Tomay Abar Jaagte Hobe Vorer Ahobane,
Notun Dine Hote Hobe Notun Pather Jatri,
Klanto Kkhone Janacchii Tomay

Ekta Misti “Shuvo Ratri”